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About the Organization

What was once a private resident aiding their expertise in organization and project management to the ongoing traffic crisis in northwest Surprise, Arizona, has now evolved into something so much more powerful as more and more residents have joined in.

The Grand Failure is now officially a nonprofit organization, registered in the great state of Arizona. This organization is dedicated to advocating for government transparency, public safety, traffic and infrastructure improvements, and other related issues. Founded by Rebekah Massie on the belief that transparency is essential for fostering accountability and driving positive change within our community. The Grand Failure works tirelessly to empower not just individuals, but the overall Surprise community.

We strive to create a more informed, more engaged, and more equitable society by our commitment to promoting transparency in governance, advocating for public safety, and addressing critical challenges in transportation and infrastructure head-on.

Founded on a limited government ideology, we believe that every transparent step taken truly is a catalyst for progress. By amplifying voices, fostering trust, and promoting accountability, our organization aims to build bridges between stakeholders and empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their communities.

Join us on our missions to empower change, one transparent step at a time, and together let’s create a brighter future for all of Arizona.

The Grand Failure's Mission

We are committed to empowering individuals and communities through the promotion of transparency in governance and addressing pressing social issues. We firmly believe that transparency is not just a principle but a powerful tool for driving meaningful change.

Our mission is built on the belief that each transparent step we take, whether it’s advocating for government accountability, promoting public safety, addressing traffic and infrastructure challenges, or tackling other pertinent issues, is a crucial building block in creating a better society.

By fostering transparency, we aim to cultivate a culture of accountability, foster trust between stakeholders, and amplify the voices of those who often go unheard. We recognize that transparency is not only about providing information but also about creating opportunities for meaningful engagement and participation.

Through our advocacy efforts, educational initiatives, and collaborative projects, we seek to empower individuals to become informed, engaged citizens who actively contribute to shaping their communities. We envision a future where transparency serves as the cornerstone of progress and social transformation, leading to a more inclusive, equitable, and thriving society for all.

Empowering change, one transparent step at a time.

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